Sunday, September 2, 2012

Technicolor Days

Excuse the absence! The important thing is: I am back and feeling refreshed.

So, this past weekend, my family and I enjoyed crafting together (yes, even the 11 month old got in on the action!)

First, Connor and I played with Crayola fingerpaints on a canvas bag I had:

I loved the way his little feet looked with all the colors

Then, we expanded on the fingerpainting idea. I wanted him to have something safer, something he could eat, yet have fun with at the same time. I had always heard of edible finger paints, I had never heard of merely greek yogurt and food coloring. voila!

We did this one outside. Connor had a blast, he has even clapping for himself:
Though you can't keep the yogurt paintings, it's a fun way for even babies to have fun and learn at the same time. Plus, he can shove all he wants into his mouth and you don't have to stress!

I have been feeling wonderful and it shows in my family! We have been having a blast with all the crafts, and though we can still play in the water outside, I know fall is coming and that electricity will come back into the air... I absolutely love autumn. My new locale provides a Michael's. Let's do this!

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