Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Memory Ln

Oh, boy.

I am trying to savor the last few weeks I have with my ''baby'' officially. After October 4, I will have a TODDLER. Gosh, it really does feel like yesterday...

My turtle-lipped little boy! It was all so surreal. He was thrust onto my belly, screaming and somehow still looking perfect. He was definitely worth the wait. He's growing and getting smarter every day. It's truly the most amazing experience of my life. You have to devote yourself to the care and well being of this other, tiny person that you barely know yet somehow still manage to be madly in love with. Don't be mistaken, it is not merely love, you are IN love. I always thought that was a weird way of explaining your love for your children  but it is 100% accurate.

It makes me wonder what in the world I ever cared about before him. I see pictures of my two men together and it swells my heart. My life before my family seemed so vapid and selfish. ''I get so faithful to my freedom - a selfish kind of life'' Gwen, you are perfect in any occasion.

So as the big day approaches, I am gathering ideas for his birthday party. It is Dr. Seuss themed. I have some awesome things I will hold on to until the day I die probably. I know, I know ''he wont remember!!'' but he will see the pictures! I want him to see I took the time to make his first birthday special, even if it is just making a neat cake for him.

Also today, I experimented with the colored yogurt idea. I made the yogurt colors and used it to cover the strawberries. Then I froze them. I left them in the freezer a little long, so we had to wait for them to thaw, but it was definitely worth it! They were delicious and fun!
Epic fail with the chocolate lettering though.
They were pretty delicious, if I do say so myself and it has given me some pretty awesome ideas for more food stuff and crafting ideas. I suppose it's never a failure, always a lesson!
I need a DSLR.
I've been taking lots of strolls down memory lane these past few days. From before I had my son, to the joys of pregnancy, to Hell Week aka the 41st week of pregnancy, to the first 3 months and to now. It's been a whirlwind of happiness, frustration, exhaustion, love and complete chaos (even with a solid schedule). It has made me so grateful for what I have. I'm ready for the poops and cries and screams and upsets of tomorrow. Without those, my life would surely be a boring mess.

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