Thursday, September 13, 2012

Green Plants & Red Water

Playing in the garden is quickly becoming one of my son's favorite activities. I set him in the grass and he will inevitably crawl up to the sidewalk and pull rocks and sticks from the dirt surrounding the plants.

He's playing inbetween the zucchini and strawberry plants. It's amazing, this photo was taken probably 3 days ago and these plants are really large, now! I can even see the beginning of the bell peppers forming. We have gone sort of plant crazy over these past few weeks, not only adding to our garden, but our range of potted plants and flowers, as well.
From left: Caladium, Impatients, Jade & the pink/yellow Hibiscus up front!
The hydraengea bush
Also, my son has developed a love for water after having an immense hatred for it. Bath time used to be the only time he wanted to play in water. Now, he wants to be sprayed with the house and play in our pit bull's water bowl all. Day. Long. So, after getting to the point where I would leave her water bowl on the table (I ended up forgetting overnight once and felt like a regular jerk), I decided I would just give him a bowl of water to play with. But he's 11 months old and his attention span is quite tiny. Food coloring makes everything more fun.
Add a towel & it's Soak City for infants!
Enjoying it!
Still fun!
We've been having fun around here, though I must admit, I haven't done much today! I suppose these days aren't so bad every once in a while. <3

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