Sunday, September 9, 2012


We've been busy over our weekend, buying plants and vegetables from Home Depot to plant in our yard. When we first together, Alan and I always used to talk about running off into the hills and living off the land. I suppose we are always taking steps in that direction, regardless of the mediocrity. So we planted zuchini, red bell pepper and two strawberry plants in our front yard. They are happy, especially the zuchini and bell pepper, their roots were exposed and wrapped around the bottom. I cannot wait for our first harvest, I will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I made 2 more vases today, hopefully I will be on my third shortly. The first one is for our first Halloween in the new house
The second is an awesome little message-in-a-bottle type, cork included! I really enjoyed decorating these and I am really having fun practicing and getting different techniques down.

I enjoyed a nice little thunderstorm while Connor napped today. The boy is getting bigger and bigger each day. He is getting more interested in cars and trucks, he drives them around the house now while he's crawling. He's taken more of an interest in walking, but I don't suspect he'll be doing it any time soon. Or maybe I'm just hoping. It is so bittersweet seeing them grow, I can understand why some women want children consecutively. I miss my baby.

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